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  Target Non Retail Procurement
  Property Development Procurement is responsible for the strategic sourcing and the operational
  management of non-retail products and services for Target stores and distribution centers. We
  encourage you to further explore the information on this site and hope you find it useful. If you
  have any general questions or would like to submit feedback, please send to:
  Our Mission:
  Help maximize PD operational performance through premium procurement, energy and
  commissioning management with a focus on minimizing total cost of ownership.

  Our Teams   Contact Information
  Product Category Examples
  Material Handling,Store Finishes & Equipment   Equipment.Purchasing@target.com
  Procurements materials & equipment that are installed in new,
  remodel & existing stores and distribution centers
  Carpet, lighting, generators, exterior signage,
  roof materials, conveyors,   backroom racking,
  pallet jacks, lifts, PUC’s, HVAC equipment, etc.
  Contract Services   Contract.Services@target.com
  Procures service contracts for Store Operations,
  Energy, and Resource   Recovery
  Maintenance contracts for HVAC/Refrigeration,
  vertical transportation, exterior and interior
  (land & lot, housekeeping, pest control) etc.
  Fixture Procurement   Fixture.Purchasing@target.com
  Procures fixtures and accessories that are installed
  in new, remodel and existing stores
  Gondola, racks, fitting rooms, checklanes, cabinets,
  showcases, fixture accessories, etc.
  Resource Recovery   Contract.Services@target.com
  Disposition of merchandise unable to be sold and fixed assets
  through liquidation, redeployment, recycling and donations.
  Food shelf donations, technology assets,
  liquidation of fixed assets
  Energy   Contract.Services@target.com
  Procures service electric, gas and water utility
  services for stores and distribution centers
  Central Sourcing   CenPurchSupplies@target.com
  Procures operating supplies for DC’s, Stores, target.com,
  regional, and headquarter offices
  Shopping bags, grocery, Food Avenue, pharmacy and
  clinics supplies, cleaning and office supplies, labels,
  stationary, corrugate, receipt paper, label strips, etc…