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  Doing Business with Target
  General Information
  Brief descriptions and reference materials listed below. Click on each linkfor more information.
  •  General Level of Service Requirements
      Target Non Retail Procurement has basic level of service requirements for all Suppliers.
      •  Target expects prompt, knowledgeable service, with initial responses within
    4 hours and an action plan within 24 hours.
    •  Target needs dedicated customer service contact(s) with back up available
    Monday through Friday during regular business hours, at a minimum 8am to 5pm.
      •  Supplier will communicate directly with the Field and Target as needed.
      •  Vendor is expected to perform project management, manage the install
    (where applicable), and confirm with Target when installation
    has been completed.
    •  Supplier must comply with Vendor Fundamentals Manual which outlines
    additional requirements and details.
    •  Timing and action

  Target Non Retail Procurement opens new stores and remodels existing
  stores on a three cycle basis. New Stores open in March, July, and
  October each year. Special projects come up through out the year
  based on business need.

    •  Sourcing Methods
       Target Non Retail Procurement employs a number of sourcing methods to
  determine Suppliers, Services and Goods. Some of those methods include
  Reverse English, Sealed Bid, Reverse Dutch, Forward English, Dutch,
  Request for Quote/Information, Competitive Line Review, etc.
    •  Prolog
       Prolog is a Target web platform used to house new store and remodel
  plans and site information. Click on the link above to bring you to the log
  in page. Please note suppliers must be set up as users prior to
  accessing this system.
    •  TIPP
       Target Non Retail Procurement procures items and services through an
  internal platform called TIPP which is supported by Ariba. Click on the link
  above to bring you to the log in page. Please note suppliers must be set
  up as users prior to accessing this system.
    •  Supplier Business Reviews
        Target Non Retail Procurement employs formal supplier evaluations
  on a periodic basis.